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  • We specialise in selling cleaning contracts across Australia, and can help you grow your business.  We have cleaning contracts for sale, and you can buy these cleaning jobs directly from our website.
  • It's a great way for you to build a cleaning business, as you can pick and choose the cleaning contracts that suit you, whether it be a particular industry, a particular location or suburb, or even a particular budget; we can help.
  • You do not pay anything up front until you find the contract you like; you then only pay a small deposit which entitles you to inspect the site and meet the customer.  Only then, if you are happy, you pay the balance and start work.
  • Even if you were looking to buy a cleaning business, or are actively looking for cleaning businesses for sale, then we believe buying through is us much more cost effective as you only get the jobs you want.  When you buy a complete cleaning business, you never know what you are going to get.  Buy through us and you only get fresh cleaning contracts that meet your requirements.

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  • When you register on our website, you can search and view details in regards to cleaning contracts for sale, plus you can opt to receive notifications of new cleaning contracts as they are listed giving you the benefit of buying on the spot. Register here
  • You can search all available cleaning contracts for sale on our website. 
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5 reasons to buy a Cleaning Works cleaning contract

* You can build your cleaning business practically overnight

* You can select which Suburbs you want to work in, and at what time you want to clean

* You can choose a cleaning contract that has the hourly rate you want

* You don't have to waste time quoting cleaning contracts, or hire a rep to do quotes for you

* It's a cost-effective way to grow your business


The benefits of dealing with Cleaning Works are obvious

  • Guarantee 1- If you lose the contract through your own fault within 6 months of purchase, you may be entitled to a credit. (conditions apply)
  • Compliance- We assist you with any any permit applications, such as police checks, working-with-chilren checks, DEECD Panel Status, OH&S, Public Liability Insurance, and much more
  • Guarantee 2- If you lose the contract through no-fault of your own within 6 months of purchase, you may be entitled to a credit. (conditions apply)
  • Cleaner Induction- With your first purchase, we can provide a training and induction class if you need assistance in this area
  • Security- We work with hundreds of cleaners and help them grow their businesses every day
  • Compliance - We help you ensure your cleaning business is compliant, with Insurance monitoring, OH&S documentation, and much more
  • Benefits- You have access to many online benefits via our website, such as online training, online correspondence book, access to cleaning staff, access to machinery, and much more
  • Administration- We provide online administration access, which provides you access to automated invoicing, employee timesheets, and
    much more!

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  • Find ready-to-go cleaning jobs that you can buy based on suburb, industry or rate, so you can spend your time doing what you do best - CLEANING!  We have cleaning contracts for sale in all areas.

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