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The presentation of your office is of utmost importance, as potential clients, customers and even employees will feel discouraged when entering or performing in a workplace that is unclean and messy. If you find that your current office cleaning company is not up to standard, call on Cleaning Works – we are committed to sourcing the best cleaners for your office in the following locations; Office Cleaning In Adelaide ,   Office Cleaning In Brisbane ,   Office Cleaning In Perth ,   Office Cleaning In Sydney ,   Office Cleaning In Victoria ,  

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If you’re sick of showing another commercial cleaner through your site, or are dissatisfied with mediocre cleaning companies, employ Cleaning Works to oversee your office maintenance. You will never have to deal with commercial cleaning businesses that are underhanded with their quotes or cleaning efforts, leaving you frustrated with the unkempt state of your office. We will manage your cleaning company and ensure they meet your exact requirements, at the right price for your needs.

So forget about the cleaning, and focus on the more important aspects of your business when Cleaning Works manages your commercial cleaning service. We offer:

  • Independent commercial cleaning consultation: We attend your site, and provide a detailed commercial cleaning quote, tailored to suit your needs and budget.
  • Cleaning Contract Compilation: After you are satisfied with all aspects of the quote, we create a contract that is able to be fulfilled by a qualified office cleaning company. This cleaning service contract is a fully documented form of your requirements signed by you and our cleaner, ensuring you both know what is expected.
  • Qualifying Office Cleaners. When a contract cleaner is interested in cleaning your site, we firstly qualify them. We ensure they meet our exacting standards, and that they have all relevant police checks
  • Cleaner Induction. We don't just fulfil your contract and run. We induct our cleaner into your site, showing them exactly what to do. We also show them emergency exits, alarms, enter & exit procedures, and much more
  • Safety & Security. We ensure your new commercial cleaning company uses Environmentally Friendly, Non-Hazardous cleaning products and that have suitable equipment that is tested and tagged accordingly. We supply your cleaner with photo-ID, a cleaner’s correspondence book, as well as anything else to ensure your job is completed correctly
  • A Commitment. Our primary difference is that we get an office cleaning service to buy-in to work in your site. This means they are more committed than if they are simply 'given' the job. They want to retain you as a customer, and therefore will ensure they do the best possible job
  • Ongoing Commercial Cleaning Support: Once a cleaning company has been inducted into your office, we perform periodical inspections to ensure the work is up to the standard you expect. We leave a written report with you and the cleaner, to ensure that any issues are handled early in the process.
  • Short Term Office Cleaner Solutions: We also have our own team of cleaners, supporting you if you need an immediate solution to your cleaning problem. We place our fully qualified cleaners into your office to bring it back up to scratch while waiting for the right commercial cleaning company to present itself
  • Fast, Efficient Results: Rather than the costly process of advertising, tendering, showing prospects through and then selecting someone who might not be the right person, choose Cleaning Works to fulfil your office cleaning requirements.

Some of the industries we service are School Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Factory Cleaning, Childcare Centre Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, and much more!

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  • Unlike most cleaning companies that use rigid cookie-cutter pricing, Cleaning Works lets you tailor your requirements down to the square metre to guarantee you never pay a cent more than you have to for your cleaning.

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